2021 Mikado Model Helicopters

Dear customers!

Due to the ongoing tense delivery situation for electronic components and raw materials, as well as the incalculable delivery times, we have decided to adapt our business operations to the circumstances until further notice—that is, probably / provisionally until January 2022.

Beginning November, we will limit shipping to three days a week, probably Monday-Wednesday.
Our customer service will be available by phone on these days.
Our support via our forum at www.vstabi.info is of course available as usual.

We strive—of course, and within the scope of possibilities—to produce and deliver electronics as well as kits and spare parts.
If what you are looking for is currently not available directly from us, please also have a look at our well-known dealers.

The biggest bottleneck at the moment lies with the microcontrollers for our remote control transmitter VBar Control Touch. As sorry as we are for you as potential buyers, we do not expect the situation to ease for the time being.
Whenever available, we will offer single units or small quantities in the shop.

VBar NEO (all varieties) should—as of now and until further notice—be available again and again, only with short interruptions.

On the positive: we have intriguing new products in the pipeline, an we are so much looking forward to showcasing them at the coming ROTOR LIVE trade fair, in March 2022!

Until then, remain faithful, remain well, and keep enjoying our mutual hobby!

Mikado Model Helicopters

LOGO Helicopters

VBar and VBar Control elektronics