GAUI VBar Software 5.3 Pro

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GAUI VBar  Software 5.3 PRO

Information on the download of Software 5.3 PRO (read carefully):
Your purchase of the download activates the 5.3 PRO firmware for the GAUI VBar with the entered serial number. If you wish to purchase Software 5.3 PRO for more than one GAUI VBar, you need to repeat the process for each serial number. 
If you pay with  PayPal or Credit Card the activation occurs automatically after the shopping chart has been sent off. If you choose advance payment by bank transfer, Mikado must receive the full amount first, before the software can be activated.
Note: Credit Card payments are carried out via Paypal, but it is NOT necessary to register with Paypal for this.
To purchase Software 5.2 PRO follow these steps:
  • Download the PC-Software 5.3 free of charge ->  download      
  • Install the PC-Software on your PC.
  • Connect your GAUI VBar to your PC.
  • Click on ""File" and "Online Update."
  • Wait a few seconds until a dialogue appears.
  • Choose "5.3 PRO" and click on the info button.
  • A new browser window will open, showing you information on V 5.3 PRO and your serial number. The serial number begins with digits 14, or 15, and has 10 digits.
  • Copy your serial number to the clipboard (using the mouse or key strokes CTRL+C).
  • Click on "Purchase"
  • Paste the serial number into the dialogue when asked.
  • Now buy firmware V 5.3 PRO in the webshop for your GAUI VBar.   
  • After completing the purchase, go to "Online Update" in the PC Software to update your VBar with firmware 5.3.   
  • Close the updating dialogue and re-start it once more.
  • After completion of the purchase, firmware V 5.3 PRO is activated for your VBar and you may start the updating process in the PC software.

Before you go flying, you must read and understand the entire Quick Start Guide. You must be absolutely sure to perform all pre-flight checks and to obey all safety instructions.

The Quick Start Guide, videos, manuals, and much additional information can be found on the VBar website