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VBar and Mini VBar
Digital rotor heads are here:
With the Virtual Flybar System (“V-Bar”)

Get rid of the flybar and all its associated mechanical parts in the rotor head of your helicopter - now this entire system can be replaced by an electronic set-up, the Virtual Flybar System (“V-Bar”). By clicking very few parameters in a software module, pilots can control the flight properties of their model in a very simple and effective manner. In 3D flying, the use of the V-Bar system expands the flight envelope: Compared to conventional, mechanical, rotor heads, the V-Bar system reacts much quicker and with much more agility. It is less susceptible to unwanted effects from gusts of wind. Moreover, the undesired internal effects of a mechanical system are completely eliminated: The helicopter will respond to the input in the most exact way possible. (Note: V-Bar is not an autopilot!)

- Auto-Learn Function
- Preset parameters for many common helicopters
- Programming via PC, control panel (item 4152), blue-tooth (item 4256) or mobile phone

Digital operation means maximal control and ultimate precision! This is also true for scale models with multi-blade rotor heads. A scale pilot can set the parameters so that the heli performs very stable reacts more sluggishly. This is advantage for inexperienced novices. You can reach a new dimension of performance even in fast forward or backward flight.  



A further highlight of the VBar is its integrated Heading Hold tail rotor gyro. It has excellent stopping behavior and very constant cyclic and tail rate in any wind condition.


Digital flight performance, as in a simulator
Very resistant to wind
Continuously adjustable head set-up, from mild to wild
Weight-reduced, no-play rotor head with less parts
Straightforward set-up, easily reproduced
Reduced air drag, releasing more power and giving longer flight times (e-powered helis!)

For further information or to ask questions in English or German please go the V-Bar forum www.vstabi.de.