VBar Electronics ... VStabi EVO

Distribution starts in January 2023

Distribution to non-EU countries, particularly to the U.S., can only start after certication has been granted.

VBar EVO Highlights

New processor: 500 MHz (NEO: 98 MHz), more memory, FPU, highest available computing power on the market to this date
Innovative step-up/step-down voltage supply from 2 V up to 16 V at full power with high efficiency (less excess heat)
Full telemetry and range down to 2 V supply voltage
Improved high frequency technology for high power and sensitivity
Double sensor system using tried and tested technology and new sensors
The hardware allows for new specs:
Frame rates adjustable up to 1 kHz (1 ms) on the swash plate and 0.5 ms on the tail
ESC frame rate up to 1 KHz
Pulse width selecable between 1.5 ms down to 125 µS as well as digital high speed protocols
Improved algorithms: adjusted tot he new frame rates, new optimized digital filtering
Dynamic swash plate rotation (per bank)
New „Tail Torque Extension“ for motor driven tails, more control when the tail rotor is unloaded

Recording of our VTV-Live-Stream regarding our new EVO-products from 26. 11. 2022 (mainly German w/ English summarization)

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