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Free Software

for your VBar NEO is available for download here.


to firmware versions PRO and PRO Rescue can be put into your shopping cart here via our App Store at www.vstabi.info (access via VBar Control Manager, Applications, or from your device list at www.vstabi.info/devices).
You can put multiple licenses (e.g. for several devices) into one shopping cart at the same time.
The purchase will be completed in the shop here.

Please take note that the App Store shows update prices including 19 % German VAT. If you are shopping from outside the EU, the shopping cart here will show you the actual prices without VAT.

After payment has been received, updates will be enabled automatically for the serial number(s) in question.

You can log in to www.vstabi.info with the user name and password from this shop (= your MikadoID).

How does it work?

To access the App Store, connect your device to the computer, power it up, and start VBar Control Synchronizer/Manager.

Click 'Applications' there, and you will be forwarded to the App Store with the serial number of your device.
You can also one-click register your device there.

To add multiple licenses to your shopping cart, repeat the purchase process in the App Store for each device separately, then return to your shopping cart here for checkout.

What does it cost?

  • The PRO Firmware costs EUR 35.00 incl. 19. % VAT (VAT does not apply for customers outside the EU)
  • The PRO+Rescue Combo Firmware costs EUR 99.00 incl. 19. % VAT
  • The Rescue Firmware as an update if you already have Pro can be purchased for EUR 89.00 incl. 19. % VAT

VBar NEO VBasic Updates

VBar NEO VBasic can be updated to the exact same functionality as the regular VBar NEO, making it a full blown VBar NEO.

What do VBar NEO VBasic Updates cost?

The update to PRO costs EUR 164.00 incl. 19 % VAT (VAT does not apply for customers outside the EU)
The PRO+Rescue combo update costs EUR 228.00 incl. 19 % VAT.
The Rescue feature as an update (if you already have Pro) can be purchased for EUR 89.00 incl. 19 % VAT.

These updates enable gyro support in the VBar, updates named Rescue also enable the rescue sensors.
With these updates, you can choose between firmwares for helis (VBar), fixed wing aircraft (VPlane) and the firmware for multicopters (VCOpter).
With the updates, you can fly all model type with gyro stabilization (VBar and VPlane also without, as per your setup).
The Rescue update is available for helicopters (VBar) or for multicopters (VCopter).

VBar NEO VLink Crossgrade

2nd generation VBar NEO non VLink can be upgraded to have Receiver functionality, too, making it a full VBar NEO VLink without the need of an external receiver satellite if you switch to VBar Control. You find a Conversion Kit here, and if your VBar NEO can be updated, you will find the option to purchase the software update in your device list at www.vstabi.info/devices (need to be logged in there).

The update costs EUR 49.00 incl. 19 % VAT, the conversion kit costs EUR 19.90 incl. 19 % VAT and plus shipping.