Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor, VBar Control

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Current/Voltage/Capacitysensor for VBar Control

Hardware Features of the Current/Voltage/Capacity Sensor for flight packs

  • Individually precision calibrated
  • Optocoupler
  • Reverse battery protection
  • No influence from motor or current carrying wires

   Software Features

  • Direct displaying from voltage and capacity
  • Max. current and min. voltage storage
  • Logfile data from the flight
  • Battery Logbook with names
  • Adjustable capacity, residual capacity and voltage for each battery
  • Residual capacity is shown as bar in the radio display
  • Overdischarge Warning
  • Warning at use of not fully charged batteries
  • Loud speaker announcement for reducing battery capacity


  • Requires a VBar with Spektrum Satellite connectors (telemetry bus for VBar Control)
  • Not suitable for measuring receiver packs only (e.g. on a nitro heli)
  • extracted capacities are not added up, measurement only on a per-flight basis
Current Consumption 2.5 mA
Working Temperature Range -5 to 50 °C, 23 to 122 °F
Dimensions approx. 20 x 20 x 10 mm
Power Rating 120 A continuous, 330 A peak
Effective Range (current) 0.1 A to 300 A
Effective Range (voltage) 5 V to 100 V (2s to 16s LiPo)
Resolution 0.01 A / 0.01 V
Device Voltage/Current Sensor with connecting wires to battery and ESC
Connecting Wire Sensor wire 500 mm
Connecting Wire 250 mm 04898
Connecting Wire 500 mm 04899
Battery ID Reader 04907
Battery ID Tags (10 pc.) 04908
Miscellaneous Extensive software support via VBar Control App