Battery ID Sensor, VBar Control

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Battery ID Sensor, VBar Control - Image 1Battery ID Sensor, VBar Control - Image 2
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A VBar or Mini VBar with RX 1/RX 2 ports, a VBar Control Voltage/Current Sensor and Battery ID Tags are required.


Using the Battery ID Reader, VBar Control can automatically and individually identify your flight packs. It is no longer necessary to select the flight packs manually from the list in the Battery Logbook. This simplifies pre-flight handling significantly, and it rules out a potential source of trouble by mistakenly selecting a wrong battery. Each battery will be tagged using a Battery ID Tag (sticker) which identifies the battery uniquely. The reader will be installed in your model.
Current Consumption 10 mA average, max. 80 mA
Working Temperature Range -5 to 40 °C, 23 to 104 °F
Dimensions 72 x 36 x 8 mm
Weight 14 g
Range max. 30 mm
Device Battery ID Reader
Connecting Wire Sensor wire 500 mm
Battery ID Tags 5 Tags
Connecting Wire 250 mm 04898
Connecting Wire 500 mm 04899
Voltage/Current Sensor 04890
Battery ID Tags (10 pc.) 04908
Miscellaneous Extensive software support via VBar Control App