With the introduction of the LOGO XXTREME Mikado rings in a new era for electric model helicopters. Pilots are bound to be fascinated by the sheer size of the machine and by its ultra-sharp design. Technical details:   

  • Extreme 3D helicopter for 700 - 800 mm rotor blades
  • Suitable for 14S lipo batteries
  • Very rigid and light carbon chassis
  • New mounting system for batteries for optimal determination of CG and quick change of batteries
  • New rotor head design with 12 mm hollow spindle and 23 mm thrust bearings
  • Hollow 14 mm main rotor shaft
  • Herringbone main gear, 175 teeth, module 1
  • Tail torque tube drive with large bevel gears
  • 6 mm tail shaft
  • 25 mm tail boom
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