LOGO 500 SE 2009-2012

  LOGO 500 SE
Special Edition

LOGO 500 SE Special Edition has a longer tail boom fitted for 600 mm rotor blades. Just like the LOGO 600, the tail rotor of the of the 500 SE is enhanced by serveral carbon parts to sustain higher loads The exclusive look of the LOGO 500 SE is created by its colored canopy and white landing skids. LOGO 500 SE is available as a flybarless version only. 

Very light-weight, extremely solid plastic mainframe:
The big advantage of a plastic mainframe consists in the numerous options available in designing its shape. Flat carbon or metal plates do not offer this potential. As an example, we have exploited this advantage for the placement of the three swashplate servos within each of the two parts of the mainframe. In this way, the linkages can be kept short and straight, and the servos can be mounted and dismounted quickly. At the same time the weight of the mainframe is minimised.  

Herringbone main gear:

Considerably more transmission efficiency
Very smooth running
Extremely low noise level
153 teeth (mod. 0.7)


VBar rotor head in each kit 
long tail boom for  600mm blades 
Carbon tail rotor case 
new white low profile landing bows
LOGO 500 SE green/blue/white airbrush canopy 
suitable for 6S 5000 mAh lipo battery 





Rotor diameter:: 1340mm  
Weight: 3.2 kg und up
Battery: 6S Lipo cells