LOGO 200 Flight Trainer

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LOGO 200 Flight Trainer - Image 1
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LOGO 200 Flight Trainer - Image 1LOGO 200 Flight Trainer - Image 2
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Distribution starts in November 2022 only in German speaking countries D-A-CH

Distribution to EU countries will start later this year.

Distribution to non-EU countries, particularly to the U.S., can only start after certication has been granted.

Link to our forum: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Mikado Flight Trainer helps r/c heli beginners with learning to fly. Different modes support different stages. „Guided“ Mode is the first one. The heli is guided by the system, and the pilot can safely-with much fun and little stress-get accustomed to the controls of the model, and to the view of the model in flight, no matter if tail in, sideways, nose in, and how the controls react in different orientations. The model will stop automatically when the sticks are released. No prior experience required.

In „Smartborder“ Mode, some more piloting skills are required. Here, you have a safe flight zone. The model will react more gently, but already in the same way as a free flying model helicopter. When coming close to the ground, or when reaching the upper limit of the flight zone, collective pitch will be controlled in a way so exiting the flight zone is not possible. When reaching the lateral limits of the flight zone, the model will stop, and it will return into a hovering position above it’s base automatically.

After mastering this, there’s „Free Flight“ Mode. Here, the model is reacting like a full-bred 3D helicopter. In this mode, there is still a limitation to 90° bank angle, and the flight zone is still there. This means, even now, the model can not crash. At all borders, the model will upright, slow down, and return into a hovering position above it’s base automatically.

This mode is good for more experiened beginners, too, e.g. for learing to fly nose-in, or to practice other still uncomfortable orientations.

One you feel safe controlling your LOGO 200 inside the flight zone, you can disable Trainer mode, and push your LOGO 200 through the whole 3D program. If required, Trainer mode can still take over takeoff and landing, e.g. if you want or need to land in a confined area.

The flight zone can be adjusted from 3 to 20 m (approx. 10 to 65 ft) and from 1 to 10 m altitude (approx. 3 to 33 ft). At the lower border, there’s a technical limit as well as a 1 m (3 ft) safetey zone. Close to the base, you can fly down to approx. 30 cm / 1 ft.

In all modes, the model will take off and land automatically. Of course, if you disable Trainer mode manually, you have to land manually. In all trainer modes, the model will also land automatically when the battery is empty.

Specifications Helicopter
Rotor diameter 400 mm
Rotor blades VTX 173
RTF weight approx. 350 g / 12,35 oz
recommended batterie 650-700 mAh (1 pc. 650 mAh included)
Main gear ratio 1:1 direct drive
Tail gear ratio Motor driven tail (direct drive)
Kit LOGO 200 Flight Trainer Edition
Accessories Flight Trainer Landing Pad, rubberization for skids, boot plug, charging cable for flight packs XT30
Manual Printed manuals included
Motors included/mounted
ESC included/mounted
Radio VBar Control Basic Flight Trainer Edition
Radio Accessories Lanyard, charging cable USB C
VBar electronic VBar NEO mini Flight Trainer Edition
Servos 3 pc. mounted
Blades 1 set mounted
Tail Blades 1 pc. mounted
Canopy 1 pc. mounted
Battery Charger Battery charger with balancer connector for 3s LiPo batteries (not included)