2022 Mikado Model Helicopters

Dear customers!

The delivery situation for electronic components and raw materials forces us to keep our business operations adapted to the circumstances until further notice—that is, probably / provisionally until June 2022.

Shipping will remain limited to three days a week, usually Monday-Wednesday.
Our customer service will be available by phone on these days.
Our support via our forum at www.vstabi.info is of course available as usual.

We strive—of course, and within the scope of possibilities—to produce and deliver electronics as well as kits and spare parts.
If what you are looking for is currently not available directly from us, please also have a look at our well-known dealers.

The situation for our remote control VBar Control Touch is still catastrophic. We already started adapting the electronics and software for use with other, more readily available micro controllers. Naturally, this is a time-consuming process. This means, time to market is still a couple of months away.

On the positive: we have new products in the pipeline, which we are eager to present to the public. After ROTOR Live has been cancelled, we now plan on doing this at Global3D, first weekend in Juli. More info will follow soon. To tease a bit: everyone who attends on this weekend can try it out, can fly it, not just look! And with everyone, we mean literally everyone!

Until then, remain faithful, remain well, and keep enjoying our mutual hobby!

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